Cabo Wabo Diablo Coffee Liqueur

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Tasting Notes

Cabo Diablo delivers a delectable sweetness and body with notes of rich roasted coffee, vanilla and chocolate from its coffee liqueur base made with the highest quality Arabica essence. 

Following the liqueur’s smooth introduction comes the devilish kick of 100% blue agave Cabo Wabo Silver tequila that takes your taste buds to new heights.

  • AROMA: A top note of fresh blue agave and rich coffee balanced with notes of chocolate and smooth vanilla. The aroma finishes with hints of toasted hazelnut, honey and an intriguing peppery spice characteristic of tequila.


  • TASTE: The entry is smooth with delectable sweetness and body that immediately coats the palate, releasing notes of rich roasted coffee, dark cocoa and creamy vanilla followed by hints of toasted hazelnut. Then, the taste softly transitions to a pleasantly spicy sensation that warms the back of the palate, wrapping it in notes of sweet blue agave, honey and pepper.


  • FINISH: Smooth, long finish with an intriguing “bite” characteristic of the peppery spice of tequila.