The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

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""Bizarre and Fierce” it says on the label, referring to the octopus-like sea creature logo. But it accurately describes this unique “black spiced” rum, too. This dry-style rum smells like allspice and cola, and tastes dark and spicy, like overdone gingerbread, with loads of vanilla, plus ginger and pepper notes on the finish. Though too intense for sipping alone, tempered with mixers like ginger ale and lime juice, it has the potential to add rich spice and intrigue in all the right places." -WineMag

"This Black Spiced Rum is loaded with bold spice flavoring and the sweet taste of vanilla, giving it a great taste and a new twist on black spiced rum, best mixed with cola." -Coastal Wine & Liquor

Black Spiced Rum
ABV: 47%